Frequently Asked Questions

How much does home care cost?

Home care is typically billed by the hour, so the cost depends on the number of care hours per week and can vary slightly by service. Most families pay out-of-pocket for their care or use long-term care insurance. call us on 201-546-1076 for more information about our services and pricing,

Who needs in-home care?

The need for in-home care can vary, from people who need additional help with their daily living activities, but can remain independent for hours on their own, to individuals who need 24 hour assistance or supervision. In other situations, our services are provided to people whose family caregiver needs time off from their care giving responsibilities for family events, vacations, or just a short respite. In-home care allows those who want to stay in their home rather than be institutionalized or live with relatives to do so while maintaining their safety and quality of life. Call us at 201-546-1076 for more information.

My loved one has never had home care before, but they really need it. How can you help me convince them to accept the help?

Respecting their abilities to make decisions for themselves is very important, and convincing them to accept help is a difficult thing to do. However, if their wish is to stay in their home, continue to live independently while living their best quality of life, and maintaining their routine, then home care is an excellent compromise. Having them at risk for injury, which can lead to hospitalization and/or rehabilitation, is something no senior nor their family wants to experience, so helping them to understand that safety and well-being are most important. Assuring them you will help them to find the best quality of care that can be offered, may be reassuring and stress relieving. Call us at 201-546-1076 for more information.

What makes Amazing Caregivers Home care different from other agencies?

We at Amazing Caregivers Home Care pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care and standards for care that this industry has to offer to the seniors it serves. From our Management Staff to the character traits and experience of the caregivers we hire, we hold ourselves accountable to our seniors and we are always working to exceed their expectations. Call us at 201-546-1076 for more information.

My mom is worried about her independence being taken away, Will the caregivers be doing everything for her?

Whether its cooking, housekeeping, personal care or walking, our caregivers will always encourage as much independence as possible to keep our client engaged and active in their life, but will assist as needed to maintain their safety. Call us at 201-546-1076 for more information.

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of hours of service?

We do have a small hourly minimum of 3 hours, but this is well below the industry average. We however can discuss further. call us on 201-546-1076

My dad has had horrible experiences with caregivers from other agencies. One girl was on her cell phone texting the whole time and another was always late. How can I be assured that your caregivers will be any different?

No agency should assure that these things will not happen, but, we can guarantee accountability for falling short of expectations. We have a high level of accountability at Amazing Caregivers home care and we hold our caregivers to those standards. We communicate frequently with our clients about our caregivers and their overall satisfaction of care.  If caregivers violate policies of the company and repeatedly do so, actions will be taken to replace that caregiver, as they will no longer be a good fit for our company. Call us at 201-546-1076 for more information.

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Yes! We do not have a Contract. It is a simple service agreement that requests notification of a change needed.

Can I change my service or schedule?

You can change the service anytime!! We actually expect and encourage that to happen!!

What is involved in making the home environment safe?

When caring at home for an ill, aging, or disabled person of any age, it is important to consider the safety aspects of the home environment. The following checklist may be printed and used for home inspection. Upstairs : Install a smoke detector in the hallway outside of bedrooms. Check and change batteries regularly. Place a nonskid bath mat on the floor and a nonskid mat in the tub. Store all prescription and over-the-counter medicines in original containers and in a safe place. Use paper cups in bathroom to avoid spread of germs. To avoid scalding, make certain the tap water temperature is set no higher than 120° F (Fahrenheit). Make sure lighting in hallways and on stairs is adequate. Downstairs: Store all cleaning supplies in their original containers. Always turn pot handles inward when cooking on the stove to avoid possible spills. Use back burners whenever possible. Keep a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Secure area rugs to prevent falls and slips. Make sure furniture is securely placed and in good repair. Outdoors : Keep stairs and walkways clear of snow, wet leaves, or other debris. Repair cracks or chips in cement sidewalks and stairs. Make certain railings, gates, and fences are secure and in good repair. If you have a fireplace, wood burning stove, or other heat source, place barriers around it to avoid accidental burns. Have chimneys and stovepipes inspected and cleaned regularly. Make certain that hazardous items, such as bug sprays, cleaners, auto care products, and weed killers are secured and in their original containers in the garage, utility room, or basement. Further Precautions : Post emergency numbers in easy-to-read type near each telephone in your house. Make certain bathrooms and bedrooms can be unlocked from the outside. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach. Make sure the home has at least two unobstructed exits in case of fire or other emergency. Check all electrical cords to make sure they are not cracked or frayed. Make certain outlets or extension cords are not overloaded. Avoid using space heaters. If they are used, make sure they are in safe condition. Never plug them into an extension cord. Do not place them near drapes or furnishings. Know the location of the gas, electricity, and water cut-off valves in your home in case of emergency.

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